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Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical

How to Apply for EnerBank Online

At Affordable Plumbing, Heat, & Electrical, our team is proud to offer Colorado residents with viable financing solutions they can count on. If you are struggling to finance your residential or commercial services or you would just like extra financial support, you have the opportunity to apply for an loan with EnerBank. Partnering with EnerBank allows you to get pre-approved for financing before calling our team.

Financing Your Plumbing, Heating, or Electrical Service

There may be many reasons why you need financial assistance when paying for plumbing, heating, or electrical services. At Affordable Plumbing, Heat, & Electrical we want customers to feel supported by providing them with financial assistance through EnerBank.

All you have to do is go to EnerBank Online Loan Application page and fill in the following information:

  • 8Program Phone Number: (866) 609-0008
  • Loan Code: 5-Year Installment
  • Loan: Leave blank
  • 9.99% 7-Year Loan: 9997YRG76
  • 12 Month SAC: EG862
  • Contractor ID: 6079

Apply for a Loan with EnerBank Today

We want to work with our Colorado Springs, Aurora, Boulder, CO customers, so they can feel comfortable with their financing options and the services they are receiving from us. If you still have questions about the EnerBank loan application process, call our friendly associates who will guide you through the online steps to get you financed as soon as possible.