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At Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical we have serviced Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our team is composed of industry professionals that specialize in residential and commercial pipe repair. Plumbing pipes are a highly important aspect of your property because they allow for clean water to flow into your building. They also allow waste to properly flow away from your home and business. We understand that when your business is experiencing pipe problems, it can be concerning to call a plumber in fear that you might need major repairs that require the closure of your business. When this happens, there’s a risk of putting your employees out of work and losing customers. Our team wants to assure you that pipe repair does not have to involve large excavations, and while still necessary in some situations, it can be replaced with trenchless pipe repair technology. Our commercial and residential services in Colorado Springs, CO are always efficient, durable, and long-lasting.

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Pipe Inspection

Our pipe repair services are precise due to our ability to closely inspect your pipes from within. Sewer camera inspections take away any guesswork involved in pipe repair and allow us to solve your pipe problems by identifying their exact cause. Sewer camera inspections can be conducted on the interior or exterior of your home or business in Colorado Springs, CO, utilizing a single access point. Through the single access point, one of our industry professionals will insert a high-resolution camera into your drain via a flexible rod or sewer camera transporter, depending on the diameter of your home or business pipes. As we move the camera through your pipes, we will diagnose your pipe problems based on the live-feed presented to us. Sewer camera inspections will reveal the age of your pipes as well as reveal all clogs, cracks, blockages, and breaks that could be causing your pipe problems. When the inspection is complete, we will have all the necessary information to restore your home or business pipe system.

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Pipe Repair

Our professional plumbers are capable of repairing commercial and residential pipes with trenchless services that do not require the landscape or pavement around your property to be dug-up and refilled. Trenchless repair for pipe systems includes pipe lining or pipe bursting. Both services use the same access point that was used for the sewer camera inspection. Pipe lining is used in cases where your pipes have breaks, fractures, and leaks. The process allows a brand-new epoxy pipe to be created inside of the troublesome pipe. Pipe bursting is a seamless process for pipe replacement that allows your severely damaged or collapsed pipes to be broken up and pushed into the surrounding soil, while a new pipe is placed where the existing pipe was. No matter what type of commercial or residential pipe repair your property in Colorado Springs, CO needs, we will always be ready to solve your pipe problems with accuracy and speed.

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Our team services residential and commercial buildings in Colorado Springs, CO including, but not limited to movie theatres, sports facilities, restaurants, cafes, office buildings, indoor and outdoor shopping malls, hotels, gas stations, and grocery stores. If your home or business needs pipe repairs, do not hesitate to call your local professionals at Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical today.

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