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Our sewer and drain technicians have years of combined experience in sewer and drain repair, inspection, installation, and cleaning. They are equipped with the most modern drain and sewer unclogging machines and electrical snakes to unclog pipes of many different sizes.

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Camera Inspection Technologie

Because clogs can be formed by various factors, itís important for our experts to know exactly what we are working with when we first arrive on your property. We waste no time digging trenches to conduct an exterior inspection or remove sections of the sewer pipe; instead, we conduct a thorough and precise inspection from the inside of the pipe.

Sewer scoping allows us to pinpoint the exact location of a clog and determine the most affordable and best repair option. We offer the latest in video inspection of your drain and sewer lines to help you identify the problems. Cameras are an invaluable tool in any preventive maintenance program because they eliminate the need for expensive exploratory excavation.

This is not only important for diagnosing what the clog may be composed of, but it provides our specialists with a comprehensive look at the inside of the sewers and drains as well. If it becomes apparent to our experts that there is extensive waste buildup inside of the sewer system as a whole, we can use this information to inform our approach to cleaning the pipes effectively.

Even if it is unclear what the cause of the problem may be, our technicians are able to utilize the highest levels of technology and will always conduct a sewer camera inspection before doing any work. This camera inspection allows our technicians to see inside of the pipes to determine what the exact problem is. Using a small TV camera, we check for cracks, breaks, blockages or other damage without expensive excavation. We can often save you thousands of dollars by inspecting and investigating a line to spot trouble without digging.

Sewer Repair | Affordable Plumbing, Heat & Electrical

Sewer and Drain Services

If during the course of video inspection we do find that the sewer line is broken, cracked, clogged, or being invaded by tree roots we will recommend and perform one of the following services. If we determine that the clog or backup is being caused by roots which have invaded the sewer line, or if there is a crack in the sewer line we will recommend one of the following sewer line repair options:

  • Pipe bursting
  • Pipe lining

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Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewer and drain cleaning solutions can be recommended to fix a variety of problems that may occur within your home or businessís pipelines, including:

Grease Deposits Grease from food and cooking in kitchens can become solidified in the drains after it cools down in the sewer system.

Food & Organic Waste Food deposits and waste can become trapped inside of sewer lines and attribute to the formation of clogs.

Bathroom Materials Hair and soap from bathrooms can contribute to forming clogs inside of the drain lines, as hair can become trapped along with sludge and debris in the pipe.

Tree Root Clogs Tree roots can travel over 20 feet in search of nutrients and sometimes pierce a system and cause a clog. This is a more complicated solution since the piping system may be compromised.

Tuberculation & Mineral Deposits If the pipes are old cast iron pipes, a system called tuberculation may occur, causing the insides of the pipe to become jagged and catch debris as it travels through the pipe.

Contact us today if you have a blocked or even slow running main sewer, sink, toilet, tub, shower, yard drain, or any drain stoppage at your home or business in Colorado Springs, CO. We will be happy to assist you to the best of our abilities.